Las Vegas Employment Dispute Attorneys

Whether you are still working for an employer or not, disputes can arise that may not need litigation but could benefit from the intervention of an employment attorney. At , we provide comprehensive representation for employment disputes throughout the Greater Las Vegas, Nevada, area and are dedicated to providing hands-on representation to every client.

Henderson Lawyers For Breach Of Employment Contracts

Hatfield & Associated Ltd. is ready and able to assist with a broad range of employment dispute cases, including the following:

  • Intrapersonal employee disputes – This includes harassment or ganging up on one employee, inappropriate workplace behavior as well as general disputes between employees. We can write a letter to your employer’s human resources department asking them to address the issue and putting them on formal notice that we will go to a regulatory agency if it is not addressed.
  • Labor and union problems – For union employees facing situations similar to the ones above, we will act as an intermediary between you and the union. We will send a letter stating that these issues must be addressed or we will go to a regulatory agency to pursue remedy.
  • Employment contracts – If you are a contract employee, including a doctor, dentist, executive or other professional, you cannot be fired without cause. We can assist with issues pertaining to breach of employment contracts, partnership disputes as well as noncompete agreements that are too broad and prevent a former employee from finding work.
  • Unemployment compensation – If your employer objects to your unemployment claim, resulting in a denial of benefits, we can represent you throughout the appeals process.

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